VIDEO – Drawing Now: 3 Stories on Time. Răzvan Anton

21 July 2022

After working for several years with images from public archives, how did Răzvan Anton start using photographs and 8mm footage shot mostly by his father during the 1970s and ‘80s? In a video interview concurrent with the online exhibition Time Lines: Răzvan Anton, the artist discusses this new course in his practice. He explains the long, slow processes at the core of his heliographs, and talks about approaching the private material from his family’s collection in a similar way to an archivist.

Time Lines: Răzvan Anton (11 July – 21 August) is the last in a series of three online exhibitions (curator: Mihaela Chiriac) that also included Ignacio Uriarte (18 April – 29 May) and Raluca Popa (30 May – 10 July). Each exhibition is accompanied by a video that provides a complementary window into the artists’ practices through intimate interviews.



Drawing Now: 3 Stories on Time. Ignacio Uriarte

Drawing Now: 3 Stories on Time. Raluca Popa

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