Tania Mouraud reveals new work in Angers

01 November 2020

A large wall painting by Tania Mouraud has been revealed in Angers, France, as part of the 5rd edition of the urban art project Echappées d’Art. 

With the new work, titled Ne faites point de mal à la Terre (Do not harm the Earth), the artist further explores the plasticity of language, a key area of interest throughout her impressive career, beginning in the 1970s. 

Wandering around the city and discovering fresh examples of urban art, often on a monumental scale – this is the guiding principle for Echappées d’Art. Tania Mouraud’s work is installed in the proximity of Théâtre Le Quai.

Image: Tania Mouraud, Ne faites point de mal à la Terre, 2020; photo by Thierry Bonnet/Ville d’Angers