Tania Mouraud presents Pandemonium in Videoformes 2019

15 March 2019

In her solo exhibition as part of Videoformes 2019 (15 – 30 March), Tania Mouraud presents for the first time in France the three-channel video installation Pandemonium.

Filmed in the large surface mine of North-Rhine Westphalia, the work shows fumes colonizing the sky. Close-up shots capture the continuous development of this smoke, which could be associated with black ink dissolving in water. Unfortunately, it becomes the air all living beings breathe. Beyond this contemporary reality, the smoke takes the viewer towards History and becomes a symbol of the destruction of the human being by themselves.

Artwork: Tania Mouraud, Pandemonium, 2015-16, three-channel video installation, full HD + sound, duration: 7’01’’(loop), edition of 5 + 2 AP