Solo show Ignacio Uriarte at Kunstmuseum Reutlingen

27 July 2019

VerwaltungstakteIgnacio Uriarte’s retrospective solo show at Kunstmuseum Reutlingen Konkret in Germany (27 July – 10 November 2019) – highlights the scope of the artist’s practice, whose origins lie in simple office materials and repetitive actions characteristic of the work environment.

The exhibition title, Verwaltungstakte (Administrative Tact), “brings together divergent semantic fields: depersonalized administration and its instruments (such as file folders), the legally binding decision of an administrative act, and the rythms of the artistic composition”, says curator Holger Kube Ventura in the catalogue that accompanies the exhibition.

Artwork: Ignacio Uriarte, Negativ und Positiv, 2017, document proof pen on paper, 51 x 53.2 cm / 133.5 x 103.2 cm