Solo exhibition: Ignacio Uriarte, ‘210 x 297 mm’

01 October 2019

A selection of Ignacio Uriarte’s works from the past ten years, including various reflections on the DIN A4 paper format and two folded pieces in which the artist responds to the architecture of Kunstraum Lakeside by applying different surfaces to the gallery’s mobile partition system, are on view this autumn in Klagenfurt, Austria. 

The solo exhibition 210 x 297 mm (1 October – 8 November 2019) takes its title from the measurements of the commercially available A4 copy paper, one of the many standards developed by the German Institute for Standardization (DIN).

Ignacio Uriarte, Kunstraum Lakeside, installation view

It includes installations such as A4-Cycle (2004) and Fold Spin Couples (2012), in which Ignacio Uriarte processes paper sheets in various ways to take on a completely new form, as well as the animation A Stack (2010), that shows a stack of paper grow sheet by sheet; once the 2,000 single sheets have reached their maximum height, the stack immediately shrinks once again.

Images: Ignacio Uriarte, 210 x 297 mm, Kunstraum Lakeside, 2019, installation view, photo: Johannes Puch. Artwork: Ignacio Uriarte, A Stack, 2010