Pavel Brăila’s Fragile Podil (Kyiv, 2018)

01 March 2022

In solidarity with Ukraine: at the artist’s initiative, we’re presenting Pavel Brăila’s video Fragile Podil, filmed in Kyiv in 2018.

“Podil is a complex interweaving of streets, electric cables in the crowns of old trees, tram lines, and tired façades of buildings with a complex history. Maybe it’s missing some lightness and the special feeling you get when flying in a dream? In this project, a ribbon flying over iconic places in Podil draws an invisible calligraphic line, a sketch of the city in a way we have never seen it before. It doesn’t leave behind any marks, only a memory of the sky above the city.”

The video was produced by Pavel Brăila (b. 1971, Chișinău) and his team during a residency organized by CSM / Foundation Center for Contemporary Art, in the context of the project 4 Days on the Road.

Starting February 27, Fragile Podil is shown simultaneously at Camera K’ARTE in Târgu-Mureș.

Image: Pavel Brăila, Fragile Podil, video, 2018, duration: 6’10’’, courtesy of the artist © Pavel Brăila