New epic work by Vlatka Horvat, on view in London

14 February 2022

To See Stars over Mountains – a year-long project undertaken over the course of 2021, during which Vlatka Horvat produced a new work on paper each day is on view at PEER in the exhibition By Hand, on Foot (3 February – 2 April 2022). This is the artist’s first solo exhibition in London.

At the core of the show is a unique record of our extraordinary moment: 365 works, based on photographs taken by Vlatka Horvat on her daily walks. After printing each day’s photograph on her home inkjet printer, the artist reimagines them through different interventions – cutting or tearing the paper, collaging, and drawing onto the image.

“Produced during a period in which we experienced unprecedented restriction in our daily lives, the work explores our relationship to the local and the everyday, encouraging us to consider our own impact on, and agency over, the spaces we inhabit.” (from the exhibition guide)

Vlatka Horvat, To See Stars over Mountains, installation view from By Hand, on Foot, PEER
Vlatka Horvat, To See Stars over Mountains, installation view from By Hand, on Foot, PEER

The work is presented in seven instalments across the duration of the exhibition, each displaying 53 images from the series.

For this project, the artist has recently been included in Evening Standard’s list of “faces to watch in 2022”: “Quietly, one of the first landmark works of 2022 could be Croatian-born Horvat’s To See Stars over Mountains. (…) Horvat transforms everyday escapes into flights of the imagination, poetically transforming our humdrum urban landscapes.”

Find further information on the artist’s website.

Images: Vlatka Horvat, To See Stars over Mountains, 2021, 365 works on paper; drawing and collage on inkjet print. Photo: Stephen White & Co. Installation views from Vlatka Horvat’s solo exhibition By Hand, on Foot at PEER, London, on view until 2 April 2022