Museum exhibition: Mihai Plătică, ‘Suddenly Clear’

30 June 2021

The duo exhibition Suddenly Clear at the Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca presents recent works by Diana Popuț and Mihai Plătică, starting from the idea of autoscopy – the experience of seeing one’s own body at a distance and possibly having a moment of absolute clarity.

Mihai Plătică’s photographs in the exhibition (curator: Georgia Țidorescu) reference this blissful state by exploring the organic spectacle of nature, seen in highly intense subjective moments. His works, just as those of Diana Popuț, employ methods that “confer simple elegance to everyday mediums, materials and images”.

The exhibition will run till 4 July 2021. Find further information here.

Installation views by Mihai Plătică

Mihai Platica Muzeul de Arta Cluj
Mihai Platica Muzeul Arta Cluj