In Fondamenta, with Vlatka Horvat

05 June 2020

Fondamenta, the new digital project of Artissima, is online between June 5 and July 5. We are participating in the Main Section with a sculptural work by Vlatka Horvat.

Explicitly referencing a balancing beam in gymnastics, Balance Beam #0916 stages a situation in which found objects and materials – all of them round or tubular – are encountered in a precarious spatial condition, teetering on the edge, between the state of stability and the potential collapse. A wooden beam that holds them up is itself tenuously balanced on top of two chairs. The beam is thus performing a kind of a double balancing act: it’s both the thing being balanced and the ground upon which other objects are balancing.

A collective curatorial project, Fondamenta presents 200 artworks on sale, selected from the galleries showcased in Artissima 2019.

Artwork: Vlatka Horvat, Balance Beam #0916, 2016, wooden chairs, wooden beam, viarious round and tubular objects