Ignacio Uriarte curates a show at Kaiser Wilhelm Museum

23 April 2020

The Krefeld-born artist Ignacio Uriarte has returned to his hometown, at the invitation of Kaiser Wilhelm Museum, to take a personal look at the collection of the museum and curate an exhibition.

Entitled Structuring Chance (on view till November 22), it is interlaced with autobiographical references and pays tribute to artists who influenced Uriarte’s own practice.

The exhibition presents works from the collection which are embedded in the tradition of early conceptual art and minimalism. Classification systems, patterns, supposed emptiness and motifs of mirroring – these formal characteristics act as a common thread. The selected works are set in a dialogue with two new pieces by Uriarte: a large paper installation and a series of drawings.

Ignacio Uriarte, Kaiser Wilhelm Museum, installation viewStructuring Chance, Kaiser Wilhelm Museum, 2020, installation views, photos: Dirk Rose