‘Seeing Ourselves Sensing’

17 May - 16 July 2017



‘Seeing Ourselves Sensing’ is an auto-critical statement. An exploration of both Raluca Șoaita and Andrei Breahnă in their quest to build a visual identity for their gallery.

The 18 exhibitions and interventions facilitated by EASTWARDS PROSPECTUS [now Gaep] in the gallery and in the public space have brought Romanian and international artists into spotlight, all bearing different practices and positioning. Not having a curatorial intent, the current exhibition is nothing more than the analysis of this state of things. It is nonetheless the first time both gallery partners get directly involved in the selection of works and the exhibition set-up.

This public showing is the way Raluca Șoaita and Andrei Breahnă responsibly position themselves as related to the artists hosted by their gallery. The constant presence of video in the public space, the American-school photo, the drawing, the installation, the performance, the animation –they all have shaped a certain artist/intellectual profile in the gallery space, one bearing various practices, which EASTWARDS PROSPECTUS [now Gaep] is supporting and developing.

The exhibition is a coherent and clear discourse about the gallerist/artist relationship, about the exhibition space and the challenges raised by certain works that one feels connected to.

Invited Artists

Ștefania Becheanu
Karolina Breguła