13 March - 18 May 2019



In his second exhibition at Gaep, Ištvan Išt Huzjan presents different layers of his artistic engagement by bringing together his performative actions, objects made in the studio and a site-specific intervention. On the first floor, he introduces a selection of performances whose basic conceptual premise is his consideration of the distances between people, places and how this echoes in various movements through space.

In the context of the actual exhibition, the performative aspect is directly juxtaposed with objects that the artist created in his studio. This juxtaposition can be seen, on one hand, as tension between material and immaterial aspects of his artistic practice, while on the other hand it can signify a symbolical transition of Huzjan’s work from public context to a private one.

The exhibition continues in the basement; here Huzjan is introducing the project Unnamed light, which in a very subtle way reflects the artist’s engagement related to movement, while also addressing the very particular spatial situation. The starting point and conceptual premise for this particular project are defined in the specifics of the ground plan.

The juxtaposition of elements on the first floor, alongside the site-specific intervention in the basement, presents without a doubt Huzjan’s key formal and content-directed threads that are woven in his artistic practice.

Text by Tevž Logar, curator