Radenko Milak & Roman Uranjek
17 March - 08 May 2016



The two artists’ cooperation started at the beginning of 2015, when they connected two projects, Randeko Milak’s 365 Images of Time and Roman Uranjek’s At Least One Cross A Day After 1.1.2002, in an exceptionally subtle and spontaneous way. 

Radenko Milak began 365 Images of Time early in the year of 2013, as a project representing a sort of calendar containing the (f)actual protagonists of infamous forgotten historical events, which he created using the watercolour technique precisely, almost monochromatically. It seems that Milak created a new “landscape made up of real-time media protagonists”, telling us that because of the tremendous and uncontrolled amount of visual information that surrounds us we are often forced to merely consume the information in question, without transferring or disseminating it. Consequently, “impeccable” images from streets, post boxes and television screens increasingly and ever faster become dark shadows, accumulating on the trash of our memory. 

Roman Uranjek’s project, At Least One Cross A Day After 1.1.2002, represents a diary entry featuring the cross as the central motif, which the artist set in different conceptual fields, namely those of art, society and politics, thus consistently reintepreting it. Ever since he started working on the project, the artist created at least four characters with a cross each and every day, which are really his thoughts assembled into collages, while at the same time combining a number of techniques at the formal level, from drawing to photography, from text to collage. Uranjek systematically reduced this corpus created over a period of thirteen years and containing several thousand crosses, selecting a total of four crosses for each respective year – one of which he reinterpreted through dialogue with Milak’s protagonists.

Text by Tevž Logar, curator

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Radenko Milak & Roman Uranjek