but IT Got Too COLD

02 April - 24 May 2015



Marilena Preda Sânc has created a unique research system of visual abstraction. In defense of a modernism where nature provides the exterior substance and the idea generates the context, MPS demonstrates that abstract art, especially geometric art, remains cutting edge. The demonstration has somewhat of a logical diversion: are the works good because they are groundbreaking or are they groundbreaking because they are good? 

MPS works with a repertoire of elementary forms and with a set of rules activated in the field of vision. The drawings have a controlled liberty. The minimalism operates under an additive methodology. The elements are difficult to isolate. These are the same qualities that isolate a line of poetry from a line of prose. It is only emotion / as a state of the mind / that explains how interesting a triangle, a sphere, or a square can be. Creativity remains in the memory like a repository of images.

The Spartan rigor and the geometric rules favor smooth images. Bright colors transform in opaque white and emotion becomes cold, exposed to the wind. An abstraction devastated by winter. The clear image is produced by the passing of the substance of nature in the nature of memory. 

The drawing becomes a physical object. The colors bring intimacy like a cold shade, evasive silver, warm greyish pink. Somewhere close, MPS introduces an element of time. A luxurious wager with the experiment.

Text by Liviana Dan, curator