/ and / You Never Know What’s Off

02 April - 24 May 2015



Sebastian Moldovan works with light and definite space, with broken structures of the art system. He practices a personal, sincere and uninvolved modernism. The image is always out of context. He has eccentric notes and consistent principles. Something subjective and anonymous influences his visual mechanisms. It adds a necessary seduction.

The topics he covers are places and objects made by man: constructions, houses, rooms, doors, gardens. The spatial elements have a monumental peacefulness but sometimes they induce pressure and isolation.

Sebastian Moldovan has an enigmatic connection with the house and the garden; just as mysterious, his plants and objects receive the inevitable references of acute technologies. A liminal zone between the material and the optical.

There is always a fine line between dense materiality and a translucent imagination. One clear side and some metaphors.

Text by Liviana Dan, curator