///// 5 Chambers

10 October - 20 December 2014



The exhibition presents a series of eclectic artistic experiments relevant for Radu Cioca’s practice in the last 4-5 years.

The artist invests himself with the freedom of using various artistic resources that he articulates to his own language always starting from a concept he develops gradually. As the result of a genuine process of inquiry, this diversity opens up possibilities for a continuous exploration for the artist and visitor alike.

The artworks selected for the exhibition are building multilayered narratives that investigate the spiritual universe and the elements that contaminate it. Tracing the perception of reality contextually, time remains the element which, although present in a subtle and irreversible manner, dominates the intended frame.

The algorithm of the five chambers unveils naturally as one assimilates the entire show – the eclectic clusters of elements offered to scrutiny turn into a coherent ensemble with the artist as its main common denominator.