05 March 2019

Dear friends,

A new chapter begins for our gallery, as a result of the evolution of its programme towards an international one: EASTWARDS PROSPECTUS becomes Gaep.

In 2014, when we founded the gallery after moving back to Bucharest from Paris, we decided to focus on identifying and presenting valuable artists from Eastern Europe, as we knew that the number of contemporary art galleries in the region was still relatively small.

During the following years, we had the opportunity to meet artists and curators from across the globe. We took part in an increasing number of international art fairs. And we came to a disconcertingly simple conclusion: all artists and all galleries breathe the same air. Gradually, we initiated collaborations with artists from different parts of the world and participated in almost 20 international fairs.

Gaep expresses this new reality. We wanted the name to be congruous with the international nature of the current gallery programme, as well as to convey, in a succinct and modern way, the continuity present in our activity and our mission of contributing to the development of the arts scene.

We are looking forward to seeing you again at the same address: 50 Plantelor Street, Bucharest. And we invite you to stay in touch at our new online addresses.

Andrei Breahnă & Raluca Șoaita

Portrait: Miluță Flueraș. Installation views: Vlatka Horvat, Supporting Objects, 2018, photo: Miluță Flueraș (1); Damir Očko, Repeat After Me, 2016, photo: Alex Nelu (2); Ištvan Išt Huzjan, Subterranean Walks, 2016, photo: Alex Nelu (3); Pavel Brăila, New Year’s Dissections, 2017 (4).