Dialogue: Sebastian Moldovan & Toni Baghiu

While working on the project of the exhibition Spacetime’s a Wastin’, Sebastian Moldovan talked about it with professionals from different other fields that interest him tangentially. The exchanges of ideas contributed to the final form of the exhibition, allowing him [...]

Shortcuts: Introducing the artists

Faceți cunoștință cu cei 11 artiști emergenți care participă la proiectul de mentorat intensiv Shortcuts (20 septembrie – 15 octombrie 2021). Ei au fost selectați în urma unui apel deschis, dintr-un total de 95 de înscrieri, de către un juriu [...]

OPEN CALL: Shortcuts. Mentorship for emerging artists

[ACTUALIZARE 10 septembrie 2021] Artiștii selectați de juriu în urma apelului deschis sunt: Dona Arnakis, Diana Matilda Crișan, Sebastian Danciu & Alexandra Mereuți (duo), Lucia Ghegu, Maria Mandea, Bogdan Matei, Ana Pascu, Gavril Pop, Diana Popuț, Miruna Radovici, Stanca Soare. [...]

Gaep welcomes Mihai Plătică

We are delighted to announce our representation of Mihai Plătică. The artist’s inaugural solo exhibition at the gallery, Alpher-Bethe-Gamow, will open on March 6, 2021. Taking its title from a scientific paper that is considered the foundation for the Big [...]

‘Resilience Test’: our first online exhibitions

We are delighted to announce Resilience Test, a series of three online exhibitions that will explore the limits of the body, its vulnerability and its resilience, through the works of Marilena Preda Sânc (29 June - 19 July), Vlatka Horvat [...]

Gallery reopens with Damir Očko show

We are pleased to announce the reopening of the gallery as of Thursday, May 21. Damir Očko’s solo show, that was open for just a few days before the lockdown, will be on view till July 18.  Damir Očko, Pear [...]


Dear friends, A new chapter begins for our gallery, as a result of the evolution of its programme towards an international one: EASTWARDS PROSPECTUS becomes Gaep. In 2014, when we founded the gallery after moving back to Bucharest from Paris, [...]