VIDEO – Drawing Now: 3 Stories on Time. Răzvan Anton

After working for several years with images from public archives, how did Răzvan Anton start using photographs and 8mm footage shot mostly by his father during the 1970s and ‘80s? In a video interview concurrent with the online exhibition Time Lines: [...]

Color, draw, paste! A coloring project by Raluca Popa

Color them. Draw upon them. Make a collage. It’s really up to you.  Selected by Raluca Popa from a sketchbook made by her father in the mid-1960s, the drawings here — for children and adults alike — are an invitation [...]

VIDEO – Drawing Now: 3 Stories on Time. Raluca Popa

Coinciding with the online exhibition Time Lines: Raluca Popa, the video below offers a behind-the-scenes look at a recent series of drawings by the artist: Disegno Ricercato VI.  Raluca Popa reveals how she started to cut and weave her pencil [...]

VIDEO – Drawing Now: 3 Stories on Time. Ignacio Uriarte

In conjunction with Time Lines, a hybrid project comprised of three online exhibitions and several online and offline collateral events, we are presenting a series of three videos about the drawing practices of Ignacio Uriarte, Raluca Popa and Răzvan Anton, [...]

Gaep at miart 2022: preview of the presentation

Our presentation for the 2022 edition of the international art fair miart (April 1-3, Milan) features works by Sebastian Moldovan and Mihai Plătică, two artists who employ drawing, photography and sculptural objects, often in ingenious ways, to investigate the nature [...]

Dialogue: Sebastian Moldovan & Toni Baghiu

While working on the project of the exhibition Spacetime’s a Wastin’, Sebastian Moldovan talked about it with professionals from different other fields that interest him tangentially. The exchanges of ideas contributed to the final form of the exhibition, allowing him [...]