Announcing Time Lines: Ignacio Uriarte, Raluca Popa, Răzvan Anton

15 April 2022

A hybrid project comprised of three online exhibitions and several online and offline collateral events, Time Lines takes a close look at new works by Ignacio Uriarte, Raluca Popa and Răzvan Anton — three artists that combine the immediacy and directness of the drawn line with the temporality embedded in slow or labour-intensive processes of artistic production.

Online exhibitions (curator: Mihaela Chiriac)

Ignacio Uriarte: 18 April – 29 May

Raluca Popa: 30 May – 10 July 

Răzvan Anton: 11 July – 21 August

Although the three artists work across different forms, drawing remains the critical core of their visual vocabulary. In an age marked by productivity and instantaneity, Ignacio Uriarte makes repetitive gestures the main feature of works that require great effort. His drawings, referencing the formally pared-back, conceptually rigorous practices of Minimal and Conceptual art, give weight to prosaic office materials (pens, standard size paper, markers, rulers, paper clips) and subtle actions (scribbling, typing, stamping, etc.). Raluca Popa often works with existing material, such as an image, a written text or a personal archive, that she reassembles in expressive forms to be sent anew into the public sphere. She favours acts of learning and repetition, forms of replication and comparison, and building coherent structures from apparently disparate grounds. For Răzvan Anton, memory is the medium, while drawing is ”a conscious choice of a medium beyond mediums”, a language that traces his thinking process. Employing additional methods such as sun printing, he records time and captures light in works that prompt a look back at our collective past.

The series Time Lines considers drawing not only as a composition of lines on a flat surface, but also with a view to lines composed in three-dimensional space. It makes the case for drawing as a medium that contains time and space. Each online exhibition will feature a compact selection of works, including new drawings shown here for the first time.

Time Lines continues the series of exhibitions presented on, the Viewing Rooms section, since 2020.

Project organised by: Asociația Culturală Eastwards Prospectus

Co-financed by: The Administration of the National Cultural Fund (AFCN)

Media Partners: igloo, Curatorial, IQads, Radio România Cultural, Revista ARTA

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